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Chocolate & Cranberry Loaf

June 3, 2012
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I was reading the chocolate bread recipe in MC’s blog Farine, which reminded me I could make it for allergy kid.  In Gregoire’s bread book, La Boulangerie Baking at Home he has a recipe for a Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Bread and I used that recipe to create my own here.  This is made […]

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Scoring, Slashing Sourdough

May 8, 2012
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I’ve already posted lots of photos on scoring/slashing loaves in this post here, but Nicola asked me last night to show her how, and since I had 2 loaves already in the fridge for baking this morning it would be easy to video scoring them…well easy because I had a second pair of hands to […]

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Pita Bread

January 17, 2012
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I make pita breads regularly, usually at the request of oldest daughter, make a large enough batch to put some in the freezer and keep her happy for a while.  Making pita breads or bagels puts the baker into a production line, once you’ve mastered the recipe you’ll fall into a rhythm between pre-shape, rolling […]

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Sourdough Problems from My Beginnings

October 10, 2011
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The 5th April 2010 is the most significant date in my sourdough life.  That’s it above, my very first loaf, using a starter  GillthePainter  put in the post to me.  I followed her advice of baking it in a pot, I used an inexpensive cast iron pot of mine,  and produced a loaf.  Ok it’s […]

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October 3, 2011
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I’ve been experimenting with focaccia dough using a little potato flour but to disastrous results, I have a fickle relationship with potato flour in bread, use it successfully in allergy kid’s loaf but other experiments the dough collapses on me.  I’ve also experimented with a 100% sourdough focaccia but hasn’t so far resulted as good […]

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Today’s Baking Experiments

August 2, 2011
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Today I wanted to experiment with different recipes and this was the result.  The Khorasan loaf which I have talked about it in detail here.  Then we have Hamelman’s Sourdough Seed Bread, Dan’s Rolled Oat & Apple Bread, Dan’s Focaccia and a Spelt loaf.

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T55 Flour

August 1, 2011
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At the bottom of the wikipedia entry on flour you have a very useful table of where the T55 flour sits in comparison to protein % and ash content and it will tell you T55 flour is around 11% protein and that this flour is also used as an all purpose flour.  This T55 flour […]

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Tartine’s Baguette Recipe & My Adaptation

July 26, 2011
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I went back to Tartine’s recipe on Sunday and decided that alongside Chad’s recipe I would also use my levain fed the normal way.  Making the recipe twice gave me 10 baguettes at 400g and 2 at 300g. When I talk to my family and friends about how badly shaped and scored my baguettes are […]

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Bagels: Sourdough, Yeast and Hybrids Part I

July 11, 2011
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I’ve divided the subject into 2 posts, somehow I’ve ended up with over 90 photos of bagels in all sort of combinations and details of making them.  Back in March in one of my posts I swore I would never make bagels at home because they’re so much hassle.  I just couldn’t get to grips […]

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Empathy with Sourdough Novices, 1 recipe 5 flours

April 24, 2011
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This post is about me, empathy and bread.  The earliest story I know about me and bread is when I was three years old and being looked after by my Great-Gran while my parents worked.  During the day I would sit on the door step of my Great-Gran’s front door which faced a quiet lane […]

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Broa, Northern Portugal

March 9, 2011
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This broa I made yesterday looks just like my late Gran use to make.  I was really pleased with the look of it.  I have my kind cousin in Lisbon to thank for it because she managed to organise the out of print copy of the Portuguese bread book, O Paõ Em Portugal from the […]

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How To Make: An Easy Loaf – My EveryDay Bread with No Kneading

October 19, 2010
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This post has become far far bigger than I first thought it would, I’m trying to cover as much detail as possible to give the biggest chance of reproducing what I can in my little kitchen; a tasty easy loaf to fit around your busy day.  That’s my criteria here if like me time is […]

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